[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 10684] Auto-generate the Objective-C DOM CSS bindings : [Attachment 10357] patch

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Fri Sep 1 19:21:19 PDT 2006

Sam Weinig <sam.weinig at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 10684: Auto-generate the Objective-C DOM CSS bindings

Attachment 10357: patch

------- Additional Comments from Sam Weinig <sam.weinig at gmail.com>
Auto-generates DOMCSSCharsetRule, DOMCSSFontFaceRule, DOMCSSImportRule,
DOMCSSMediaRule, DOMCSSPageRule, DOMCSSPrimitiveValue, DOMCSSRule,
DOMCSSRuleList, DOMCSSStyleDeclaration, DOMCSSStyleRule, DOMCSSStyleSheet,
DOMCSSUnknownRule, DOMCSSValue, DOMCSSValueList, DOMCounter, and DOMRect.

Splits DOMRGBColor into its own files.

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