[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 7683] Implement execCommand(UnLink) : [Attachment 7118] patch

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Thu Mar 16 13:47:19 PST 2006

Justin Garcia <justin.garcia at apple.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 7683: Implement execCommand(UnLink)

Attachment 7118: patch

------- Additional Comments from Justin Garcia <justin.garcia at apple.com>
Implemented Unlink using ApplyStyleCommand in a remove only mode
Added EditActions for CreateLink/Unlink
Added a new constructor for ApplyStyleCommand to be used by CreateLink, Unlink
and pushPartiallySelectedAnchorElementsDown, and reverted the other two
constructors to deal only with normal style application.
Added code to push partially selected anchor elements down.  It's used by
CreateLink because anchors can't be nested. It's used by Unlink because it's
necessary to break a partially selected anchor into fully selected pieces so
that Unlink can remove them.

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