[webkit-reviews] datetime_object Win32 patch

Justin Haygood justin at xiondigital.net
Fri Jun 10 15:52:59 PDT 2005

Patch is at http://bugzilla.opendarwin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3372

It includes a patch and (sadly) new files needed to implement. If you 
know of an existing place I can merge those files into, let me know.


Win32 follows the BSD syntax for _timezone and _daytime, so it uses that.

wincommon.h includes and define things needed for proper usage.

wintime.h includes and contains prototypes for implementations of 
timegm() and gettimeofday() for Win32, and includes winsock2.h, which 
has an implementation for the timeval struct.

wintime.cpp contains BSD licensed implementations of timegm() and 
gettimeofday(). Well, LGPL now since I put the names of the original 
creators in the copyright area, so i "gave credit where credit is due" 
to comply with the license.

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