[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 5699] REGRESSION: incomplete repaint : [Attachment 5279] Possible fix

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Sun Dec 25 11:37:50 PST 2005

opendarwin.org at mitzpettel.com has asked  for review:
Bug 5699: REGRESSION: incomplete repaint

Attachment 5279: Possible fix

------- Additional Comments from opendarwin.org at mitzpettel.com
RenderObject::repaintAfterLayoutIfNeeded was lying about whether it did a full
repaint. This patch makes it return the truth. The return value is only used in

An alternative approach (perhaps better performance-wise) is to let
repaintAfterLayoutIfNeeded take an extra "must repaint" rect as an argument and
assure that it was repainted as well (if it returned true).

If/when the code change is approved, I'll submit a more commit-friendly patch.
I don't think there can be an automatic test for such a rendering bug.

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