[webkit-qt] QtWebKit reviving progress

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Mon Jan 11 03:48:23 PST 2016

11.01.2016, 14:33, "Vitaly Slobodin" <vitaliy.slobodin at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> First of all, I want to say thank you for reviving QtWebkit. We (the PhantomJS team) are really depend on it.

Thanks! Great to know there are more people interested in QtWebKit.

> We tried to use QtWebEngine but, unfortunately, it doesn't satisfy our requirements.
> So, I'm doing exact the same job as you do.

Thta's sad to see work being duplicated. You should have been notified others on the list. Nevertheless, I hope we will be able to join our work.

> The main difference that I use the old QMake build system. So far, I have a partially working build. It compiles successfully, but it doesn't work properly.
> I really looking look forward to help you as much as I can do (for example, I can help you with Windows port).
> Upstream version of Webkit has changed too much, so the old QMake-based build system is not stable. I think CMake is much better option.

Like I wrote before, upstream is converging around use of CMake as *the* build system of WebKit, so it's not reasonable to resist. So I decided to go straight to CMake, despite some bias that I have against it.

I've found that WebKit team has made a great job at making their CMake build system suitable for satisfying requirements of different port. Let's use it.

> Thanks!

I think it's premature to thank me for anything yet, I've done only a tiny bit of work for this moment.

BTW, I and Julien have contributed a number of patches to WebKit trunk with a goal to fix MIPS backend. Any interested parties are welcome to join us!

> With regards,
> Vitaly.


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