[webkit-qt] QWebPage unsupported content does not work

Frank Fischer | roomeon f.fischer at roomeon.com
Thu May 8 03:57:27 PDT 2014

Ok found the solution by myself. Obviously it's the definition of mime type that expect a slash between main and sub type and Qt5 is stricter with evaluation of mime types. 

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I'm just updated from Qt 4.8.5 to Qt 5.2.1 and unfortunately forwarding of unsupported content in QWebPage does not work anymore. I've set forwardUnsupportedContent to true and I'm getting a reply with Content-Type="my_action". The content of the reply is xml based but I changed the Content-Type header by the server that delivers the reply. In 4.8.5 this always caused a call of the unsupportedContent signal but now the content of the WebPage gets fully grey and the Inspector gives me the XML-Content I wanted to handle by my Slot connected to unsupportedContent. Is it a bug or have I missed something?

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