[webkit-qt] how to shrink distribution, if possible?

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Sun Oct 27 05:03:28 PDT 2013

27.10.2013, 02:17, "Richard Gerd Kuesters" <richard at humantech.com.br>:
> Thanks again Konstantin!
> I think my best hope is based on what you glimpsed while pondering about SVG support on Webkit: compiling Qt submodules one by one, using the switches I might need and other that don't - doing so in a extreme fast machine (SSD raid and so on) with basic automatic functionality tests, could give me a very good result in a couple of days (using config parsing switches scripts). It would be awesome to provide a barely minimal and downsized package for mobile clients (which I'm now focused), as an example.

Most of shrinking can be done deterministically: if you don't need to open TIFF images, remove TIFF plugin; if you don't use QtSql, get rid of it; etc. Also make sure you are using size optimization of compiler. Even if you don't disable SVG in WebKit, you don't need QtSvg and corresponding imageformat plugin - WebKit's implementation of SVG is independent and much more complete.


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