[webkit-qt] [WEBKIT 2.3] Compile on windows with --media-stream with qt 4.8.2 msvc

arnaud le roy sdnetwork at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 04:40:28 PDT 2013


i have found my problems this morning and i post it but the message 
awaits approval.

this is the message :


 >after some modifications, i have successfully compile the webkit with 
 >this options :

 >--qt --media-stream --media-source --media-capture --video --no-webkit2

 >this is the list of files that need to be modified :

 >- Source\WebCore\DerivedSources.pri
 >- Source\WebCore\WebCore.pri
 >- Source\WebCore\Target.pri
 >- Source\WebCore\platform\mediastream\RTCPeerConnectionHandler.cpp

 >i have some doubt about the add of 
WebCore\platform\mediastream>\gstreamer in the target.pri because in 
windows the flag >WTF_USE_GSTREAMER=0 (maybe we can force it ?).and the 
other platform >for mediastream are blackberry and chronium.

 >any help on this part would be good.

so you confirm my doubt about this part (dummy RTCPeerConnectionHandler 
)so if i understand for the moment we could not enable webrtc on windows 

Le 05/10/2013 13:29, Konstantin Tokarev a écrit :>
 > 04.10.2013, 21:54, "arnaud le roy" <sdnetwork at gmail.com>:
 >> thanks,
 >> now it compiles fine but i have some unresolved symbol in the final
 >> linkage !
 >> for exemple :
 >> WebCore.lib(JSRTCPeerConnection.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved
 >> external symbol "public: void __thiscall WebC
 >> ore::RTCPeerConnection::getStats(class WTF::PassRefPtr<class
 >> WebCore::RTCStatsCallback>,class WTF::PassRefPtr<
 >> class WebCore::MediaStreamTrack>)"
(?getStats at RTCPeerConnection@WebCore@@QAEXV?$PassRefPtr at VRTCStatsCallback@W
 >> ebCore@@@WTF@@V?$PassRefPtr at VMediaStreamTrack@WebCore@@@4@@Z) referenced
 >> in function "__int64 __fastcall WebCo
 >> re::jsRTCPeerConnectionPrototypeFunctionGetStats(class JSC::ExecState
 >> *)" (?jsRTCPeerConnectionPrototypeFuncti
 >> onGetStats at WebCore@@YI_JPAVExecState at JSC@@@Z)
 >> i have 67 unresolved symbol, maybe it is not enougth to include idl ? it
 >> seems that all the resolved symbol is on media_stream dependency (i
 >> attach the major unresolved symbol).
 >> have you an idea ?
 > You could have easily found (e.g. with git grep) that your missing symbol
 > should be coming from Modules/mediastream/RTCPeerConnection.cpp.
 > But files from WebCore/platform/mediastream are missing in 
 > You should add them there.
 > That should resolve linker error, however that may not be enough to 
get it
 > working how you want. If you need working WebRTC implementation, you'll
 > need non-dummy RTCPeerConnectionHandler implementation, and it's present
 > only in Chromium port (platform/mediastream/chromium), so I'm afraid you
 > will need a lot of work to integrate it.

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