[webkit-qt] [WEBKIT 2.3] Compile on windows with --media-stream with qt 4.8.2 msvc

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Sat Oct 5 04:29:11 PDT 2013

04.10.2013, 21:54, "arnaud le roy" <sdnetwork at gmail.com>:
> thanks,
> now it compiles fine but i have some unresolved symbol in the final
> linkage !
> for exemple :
> WebCore.lib(JSRTCPeerConnection.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved
> external symbol "public: void __thiscall WebC
> ore::RTCPeerConnection::getStats(class WTF::PassRefPtr<class
> WebCore::RTCStatsCallback>,class WTF::PassRefPtr<
> class WebCore::MediaStreamTrack>)"
> (?getStats at RTCPeerConnection@WebCore@@QAEXV?$PassRefPtr at VRTCStatsCallback@W
> ebCore@@@WTF@@V?$PassRefPtr at VMediaStreamTrack@WebCore@@@4@@Z) referenced
> in function "__int64 __fastcall WebCo
> re::jsRTCPeerConnectionPrototypeFunctionGetStats(class JSC::ExecState
> *)" (?jsRTCPeerConnectionPrototypeFuncti
> onGetStats at WebCore@@YI_JPAVExecState at JSC@@@Z)
> i have 67 unresolved symbol, maybe it is not enougth to include idl ? it
> seems that all the resolved symbol is on media_stream dependency (i
> attach the major unresolved symbol).
> have you an idea ?

You could have easily found (e.g. with git grep) that your missing symbol
should be coming from Modules/mediastream/RTCPeerConnection.cpp.

But files from WebCore/platform/mediastream are missing in WebCore/Target.pri.
You should add them there.

That should resolve linker error, however that may not be enough to get it
working how you want. If you need working WebRTC implementation, you'll
need non-dummy RTCPeerConnectionHandler implementation, and it's present
only in Chromium port (platform/mediastream/chromium), so I'm afraid you
will need a lot of work to integrate it.


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