[webkit-qt] QtWebKit + Qt 4.8.5 embedded + fonts

Massimo Callegari massimocallegari at yahoo.it
Thu Oct 3 09:06:14 PDT 2013

Thanks for the hint Adam.
I wasn't actually sure about that site. I think the only reliable way to get the installed font list is through Flash or Java.

I'll have a look into font substitution rules. If in case you've got a quick code snippet to share I would be thankful. :)


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>Oggetto: Re: [webkit-qt] QtWebKit + Qt 4.8.5 embedded + fonts
>Also: It's probably using Bitstream Vera Sans as its default font. If
>you change your default font to DejaVu (or add a font substitution
>rule) then that should do the trick.
>/s/ Adam
>On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 8:50 AM, Coda Highland <chighland at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I think you misunderstand what Flipping Typical does. It doesn't
>> actually measure what fonts you have installed -- it polls a list of
>> "popular" fonts. The fonts you have installed are probably not on the
>> list.
>> /s/ Adam
>> On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 8:25 AM, Massimo Callegari
>> <massimocallegari at yahoo.it> wrote:
>>> OK, thanks.
>>> Then I don't understand why it seems to detect only one font.
>>> These are the font families that Qt detects: ("Bitstream Vera Sans",
>>> "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono", "Bitstream Vera Serif", "DejaVu Sans", "DejaVu
>>> Sans Mono", "DejaVu Serif", "fixed", "helvetica", "micro", "unifont")
>>> Is there any test suite that I can run to debug this behaviour ?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Massimo
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>>> Oggetto: Re: [webkit-qt] QtWebKit + Qt 4.8.5 embedded + fonts
>>> On Thursday 03 October 2013, Massimo Callegari wrote:
>>>> Does it mean it won't use fontconfig for Qt embedded systems ? If so, is
>>>> there a particular reason for it ? What is the correct way to tell
>>>> QtWebkit where to look for fonts or to retrieve them from Qt ?
>>> No, this dependency is only for the automated tests. QtWebKit does not use
>>> fontconfig directly. It uses Qt's fontdatabase and should have the exact
>>> same
>>> fonts.
>>> `Allan
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