[webkit-qt] <select> widget not updated after option selected from itemSelector

Olivier Tilloy olivier at tilloy.net
Thu Mar 21 10:49:08 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I’m observing rather consistently (though not 100% of the times) that 
after selecting an option from a <select> element in a QML browser (that 
implements a custom itemSelector component), the widget is not updated 
when the selector is closed.
Only after I click somewhere else on the page is the widget updated with 
the new selected value.

I’m observing this with the QML MiniBrowser built from trunk webkit, 
running against libqt5webkit5-qmlwebkitplugin version 5.0.0 (on Ubuntu 
12.10), as well as with the browser built from lp:webbrowser-app.

The following page can be used to demonstrate the problem:

Is that a known issue? Can others confirm it? Should I file a bug report 
(and look into fixing it)?



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