[webkit-qt] QtQuick QML API for WebKit1

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Feb 13 04:47:55 PST 2013

Hi all!
   I plan to spend some time on building a QtQuick (Qt5) plugin for WebKit1.
There are several reasons why I want to do this, the main ones being the 
possibility of playing with the cookie jar and having direct access to 
the DOM.
It should also make sense for people who need just a quick web renderer 
and don't need the split-process design (for instance, for a help 
application rendering local content).

I'm basically writing this e-mail FYI, and of course to collect early 
feedback (let me know if you see any sense in this effort, or whether 
you welcome it).
Though I didn't dig very deep so far, my understanding is that I cannot 
implement this as a completely separate module, but I'm afraid it will 
have to be part of the webkit source tree (and share a lot of code with 
the QtWebkitWidgets module). So suggestions on how to handle this are 
very welcome.

I didn't write any code yet, and I probably won't start before 1-2 
weeks, but if anyone is interesting in helping me out please drop me a 
line. :-)


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