[webkit-qt] Building QtWebkit with WebGL support on Windows XP with MSVC2008 and Qt4.8.4

Maxim Schäfner ms at ecce-terram.de
Fri Aug 9 08:11:45 PDT 2013


the problem is, that we are able to build Qt 4.8.4 without problems with MSVC2008
on WindowsXP. What do you mean that there is no Javascript support in 64 Bit until 
Qt 5.1 and why then are builds in 32 and 64 Bit possible?
And yes, for Qt there was an ZIP and TAR archive of the sources available for
download (from qt-project page). The Qt we built was from the TAR archive, but there were no problems
on this building.
For QtWebkit there was only a source TAR archive available which was an snapshot
from a source git repository, which should be able to enable WebGL on it, as described
on this site:
and the source (linked on that site, too) was: https://gitorious.org/webkit/qtwebkit-23/trees/HEAD
. So there was no ZIP archive available.
And what with this 'compile ICU', do you mean in Webkit or Qt build?
Additionally what do you mean with 'PITA' do meant 'PITY' maybe, than it make sense to us :)
Basically what we want is:
	- A QtWebkit library with WebGL support
        - Compatible with maximum Qt 4.8, so under 5, because of Q3-classes compatibility
	- Both Qt and QtWebkit should be in 32 Bit, because we still using some external 32Bit libs
	- And all build with MSVC 2008

So, no needed 64 Bit support.
What we have is build the Qt4.8.4 with MSVC 2008 already in 32bit.
And now we are at the process at building the Webkit sources (2.3) with MSCV 2008
in 32 bit, but we are running into compile errors at this step.


Best regards,

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