[webkit-qt] QtWebKit 2.3.1 tagged

Cheng, Bobber BCheng at intercalleurope.com
Wed Apr 17 19:52:52 PDT 2013

Perfect! Thanks you very much Allan.


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Hello everybody

I would just like to let you now that I have tagged QtWebKit version 2.3.1, the tarball is available at

The update is mainly stability/support fixes especially on non AMD64 platforms. There are a lot of fixes for Arm, PowerPC, MSVC and even x86 32bit.

Note that when compiling on x86 with --no-force-sse2 will now disable LLInt. 
LLInt is the low level interpreter which is used when JIT is not considered profitable. On x86 without SSE2, JIT will still work, but all code will then be JITed, meaning small JS routines will be slower, but big ones will be as fast as ever. The patch disabling this didn't make it for Qt 5.0.2, so please note that Qt 5.0.2 will currently not work out of the box on older x86 processors without SSE2. In Qt 5.1.0 and QtWebKit 2.3.2 I expect to include a proper patch for LLInt without SSE2.

I have been testing QtWebKit 2.3 on Mountain Lion, but it will not build without some customization, since ANGLE does not compile with gcc 4.2, and the macx-clang profile is not included with Qt 4.8.4. You can however make a macx- clang profile for Qt 4.8 and that appears to work.

Best regards
`Allan Sandfeld Jensen
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