[webkit-qt] How to draw a hole in browser to show the video content

Bruno Ledesma led.bruno at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 08:49:43 PDT 2012

Hello Andy,

I have done this on a old project for a similar purpose. Basically you have
to configure Webwiew to be rendered on a translucent Window.

Maybe this link can help:

After that, you can use a Background image (at your html) with a
transparent rectangle. With that you have a hole on your browser window.

best regards,
*Bruno Ledesma*

2012/9/27 andy wang <wandy817 at gmail.com>

> Hi All,
> I want to draw a hole in the browser to show the video which below the the
> browser.
> To play/show the video of html5, I need to decode the audio/video by the
> hardware because of the poor cpu and memory, and I use the gstreamer
> architecture. In the webkit core, there are already some module to support
> the video tag of html5, HTMLMediaElement, HTMLVideoElement, MediaPlayer,
> MediaPlayerPrivate MediaPlayerPrivateGstreamer and so on. And this solution
> is using the ffmpeg or other software decode and then transfer the decoded
> data to webkit, at last render the video data to OSD layer. But my embedded
> device have poor cpu ability so I need use the hardware decode and then
> render the video data to the video layer which below the osd layer. And now
> I can decode the video stream and render it to the video layer(Not link the
> m_webkitVideoSink to m_PlayBin in
> MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer::createGSTPlayBin, so the data will go through
> to my video sink), but I can not see the video because it's converd by the
> browser. So my question is how can i cut a hole in the browser to show the
> video, and this hole should have the same size and position with the video
> window.
> I try to fix this issue by draw the hole in the paint function of
> MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer::paint, but the hole will be coverd by the
> browser background soon. So I don't know how to keep my hole alwasy there
> so I can see the video.
> I Use the qt4.8.0 version. And the paint engine is directfb.
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