[webkit-qt] How to draw a hole in browser to show the video content

andy wang wandy817 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 07:44:37 PDT 2012

Hi All,
I want to draw a hole in the browser to show the video which below the the
To play/show the video of html5, I need to decode the audio/video by the
hardware because of the poor cpu and memory, and I use the gstreamer
architecture. In the webkit core, there are already some module to support
the video tag of html5, HTMLMediaElement, HTMLVideoElement, MediaPlayer,
MediaPlayerPrivate MediaPlayerPrivateGstreamer and so on. And this solution
is using the ffmpeg or other software decode and then transfer the decoded
data to webkit, at last render the video data to OSD layer. But my embedded
device have poor cpu ability so I need use the hardware decode and then
render the video data to the video layer which below the osd layer. And now
I can decode the video stream and render it to the video layer(Not link the
m_webkitVideoSink to m_PlayBin in
MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer::createGSTPlayBin, so the data will go through
to my video sink), but I can not see the video because it's converd by the
browser. So my question is how can i cut a hole in the browser to show the
video, and this hole should have the same size and position with the video

I try to fix this issue by draw the hole in the paint function of
MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer::paint, but the hole will be coverd by the
browser background soon. So I don't know how to keep my hole alwasy there
so I can see the video.

I Use the qt4.8.0 version. And the paint engine is directfb.

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>   * kbalazs status: sickened today :(
>   * carewolf status: Trying to share more X11 global selection code
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> at the qml auto test crashes and doing between-build-uploads of the rest of
> the page navigation patches.
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