[webkit-qt] Qt5 configure works wrong with -sysroot parameter

Girish Ramakrishnan girish at forwardbias.in
Sat May 12 11:53:19 PDT 2012

HI Arvai,

On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 5:18 AM, Árvai Zoltán <zarvai at inf.u-szeged.hu> wrote:
> Hi All,
> There is a serious problem with Qt5 configure when we are building in
> cross-compiling environment. It makes bad values for header file paths.
> Example:
>  /home/azbest/swork-cross/qt5/qtbase/configure -fast -nomake demos -nomake
> examples -nomake tests -developer-build -opensource -confirm-license
> -xplatform linux-g++-maemo -force-pkg-config -arch arm -no-pch -sysroot
> /home/azbest/QtSDK/Madde/sysroots/harmattan_sysroot_10.2011.34-1_slim
> -release -separate-debug-info
> If we search for sysroot parameter value in generated files, we will see the
> problem:
>  /home/azbest//swork-cross/qt5$ grep -R
> "harmattan_sysroot_10.2011.34-1_slim" *
> Wrong paths in a lot of files, e.g.:
> qtxmlpatterns/src/xmlpatterns/Makefile:     -$(DEL_FILE) -r
> $(INSTALL_ROOT)/home/azbest/QtSDK/Madde/sysroots/harmattan_sysroot_10.2011.34-1_slim/home/azbest/swork-cross/qt5/qtbase/include/QtXmlPatterns/5.0.0/QtXmlPatterns/private/qxpathhelper_p.h
> This will cause strange error messages when we try to build qt-components or
> QtWebKit:
> /home/azbest/swork-cross/qt5/qtdeclarative/include/QtQuick/../../src/quick/qtquickglobal.h:45:
> fatal error: QtCore/qglobal.h: No such file or directory
> compilation terminated.
> because some include path is wrong:
> -I/home/azbest/QtSDK/Madde/sysroots/harmattan_sysroot_10.2011.34-1_slim/home/azbest/swork-cross/qt5/qtbase/include
> it should be:
> -I/home/azbest/swork-cross/qt5/qtbase/include

With -sysroot $SYSROOT, Qt installs itself into $SYSROOT/$PREFIX. In
your case, the build dir and $PREFIX are the same since you compile
with -developer-build. When working with -sysroot, Qt expects you to
install all dependent modules. So, you need to install qtbase,
qtxmlpatterns, qtjsbackend and qtdeclarative. Once installed, all
files will be in inside $SYSROOT/$PREFIX.

So, I don't think the paths are incorrect, they look correct to me.
Maybe you just didn't install qtbase etc?


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