[webkit-qt] Layout Test Week

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Fri May 11 07:46:52 PDT 2012


Thanks for the rather overwhelming support - a ton of people signed up to help 
next week :)

Let's see how we can roll this thing. I suggest we take


as a starting point.

If you start working on a bug, assign (*) it to yourself, so that others can 
see which bugs are up for grabs and which ones aren't.

I also suggest that we bring back our daily status meetings, suggested time is 
16:00 Oslo time. That's 11:00 in Recife (I know, it's early...), 10:00 in 
Boston and 17:00 in Finland. Is that okay for everyone? Would 15:00 be better? 
Holler if you'd like to move it during the week :)

INdT folks, can you bring back the status bot by Monday? :)

I do expect that the one or other issue will require a fix in Qt. If say a 
change lands in qtbase it will take about a day to propagate to qt5.git. We 
should be open to the idea of updating to a newer qt5 during the week, ok?

Given Alexis' QUrl fixes (thanks, btw!) we're going to need at least one 
update, perhaps on Monday. Given that we'll be alert perhaps we can attack the 
regressions right away if there are any with the update.

Any other suggestions/ideas how to make this a smooth ride?


(*) If you have trouble assigning bugs in Bugzilla, send me an email and I can 
fix your bugzilla account to allow for that.

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