[webkit-qt] Minutes from the Status Meeting in #qtwebkit on Freenode IRC network

Qt WebKit StatusBot qtwebkit-statusbot at openbossa.org
Wed Jun 13 07:16:15 PDT 2012

  * bbandix status: trying out recent flickable patches, fixing webkit to build with qtdeclarative master
  * ahf status Preparing for next week in Berlin by flashing!
  * azbest_hu status: gardening, fixing methanol tests build, setting up n9 buildbot
  * Ossy status: ... and zillion nightly and morning gardening of course :)
  * jeez_ status: working with window.internals stuff and debugging PageClient::isViewWindowActive on a Ubuntu machine finally
  * darktears status : hacked on the Web Inspector and landed a patch for it. Snowshoe now have the fancy inspector per tab
  * kkristof status: gardening and some experiments with the xvfb for the nrwt's xvfbdriver
  * zalan status: fixing the js vs. vkb issue and adding test case https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=88662 also still looking at node highlighting wrt google's impl.
  * dicska status: correcting patch to solve NRWT --platform qt --new-baseline bug
  * kbalazs status: finding how to exit(1) from wtr on timeout to not break nrwt, updating plugin metadata cache patch
  * Zoltan status: finish, test and upload qpixmap2qimage patch: bug #88785
  * tronical status: got rid of qtscript dependency for qt5 build, qdatetime.h fixing
  * zherczeg status: continue debugging the 1 pix difference on 32/64 bit systems
  * szledan status: investigate behaviour of WebContext on local storage
  * cmarcelo status: investigating a qt bridge leak https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75984
  * jturcotte status: Trying to polish the windows build fixes.
  * mibrunin status UIProcess part of IME, organizing stuff for next week
  * stampho status: investigating StartProfiler/StopProfiler issue in qtjsbackend (#27923)

Missing updates from: Smith, TwistO, andris88, carewolf, elproxy, hugopl, igoroliveira, kenneth_, laknudse, lmoura, loki04, luck, mulvad, rafaelbrandao, reni, setanta, tczene, torarne, zalbisser

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