[webkit-qt] Qt5 WebKit packaging for Ubuntu/ARM

Zoltán Balogh zoltan.balogh at canonical.com
Wed Jun 6 22:16:23 PDT 2012


I am packaging the Qt5 modules for Ubuntu Precise/Quantal for both x86 
and ARM targets: 

  It is a fun exercise as week to week it requires some creativity as 
the code base evolves.

Most of the modules build well and their packaging is rather straight 

But the qtwebkit module (alias qt5-module) archives (ar cqs) 2184 object 
files to libWebCore.a That makes in most build environment/system even 
with a very short package name 120k size argument. It will be a huge 
(literally) problem. Is here anybody who I can work together to solve 
this problem? I am 1 inch away to provide the full set of Qt5 x86/armel 
packages for Ubuntu Precise and Quantal...

But even fixing this problem with a workaround the qtwebkit fails to 
link on arm target:  http://pastebin.com/5yXJTvfY

I wonder if there is anybody who I can work together to prevent problems 
when we start packaging Qt5 for the distributions.



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