[webkit-qt] QtWebKit release with Qt 5.0 (was: Re: Conclusion (was RE: Proposal: Qt 4 removal from trunk, Qt 5 changes))

Alexis Menard alexis.menard at openbossa.org
Wed Jun 6 09:27:43 PDT 2012

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 12:21 PM, Milian Wolff <milian.wolff at kdab.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 June 2012 11:49:25 Alexis Menard wrote:
>> On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 6:42 AM, Milian Wolff <milian.wolff at kdab.com> wrote:
>> > On Wednesday 06 June 2012 09:37:14 Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
>> >> On Wednesday 06 June 2012, simon.hausmann at nokia.com wrote:
>> >> > Hm, okay, maybe we can improve the timing :)
>> >> >
>> >> > What would be the advantage of waiting until Qt 5.0 is released? What
>> >> > would
>> >> > be different at that point?
>> >>
>> >> By branching of the same version as Qt 5.0 it will hopefully benifit from
>> >> the stabilization up to Qt 5.0, plus it means we can hopefully keep the
>> >> QtWebKit for Qt 4.x version close to the branch used for Qt 5.0, which
>> >> means we can possible merge similar patches, etc.
>> >>
>> >> From an communication POV it is also simpler to explain that this fork
>> >> will
>> >> provide the features available in QtWebKit for Qt 5.0 to Qt 4.x (except
>> >> WebKit2 of course).
>> >
>> > Short slightly OT question:
>> >
>> > My understanding was, that Qt 5.0 will not ship with the WebKit2 API yet?
>> We focus on the QML API for it for many months now.So yes we'll ship a
>> QML API and the one we made on top of Qt Quick2 is running with WK2
>> and WK2 only.
>> > Sadly I can't find the blog or email, but I think it was Lars Knoll who
>> > said that WebKit2 will only be integrated in a Qt 5.x release?
>> I never saw such a statement.
>> > So: Is Qt 5.0 really going to ship with a first release of a QML WebKit2
>> > API?
>> Yes but with a more limited scope. You can't achieve the same as with
>> the QWidget/QGraphicsView based API.
>> > Considering that neigher examples or documentation public yet, I doubt
>> > that.
>> The cpp files contains a bit of documentation, we have API tests, we
>> just don't have cool demos.
> OK, great. Thanks for the clarification. Here are some more questions:
> Will the next Beta release of Qt 5.0 contain QtWebKit?

I believe so.

> Will the API documentation be updated [1], i.e. will the old WebKit1 C++ stuff
> be documented again, and will the new QML WebKit2 classes be explained as
> well?

I think you need to have a look in the source tree :). We never
removed the documentation for old WK1 C++ classes and we will never do
it. Just like QWidget it will be there, we don't touch the files. The
alpha of Qt 5 didn't ship QtWebKit I think, that's probably why it is
not there.

Well I think we have to make the Qt5 WK2 documentation complete but
there is already a bit of work done.

> Is anybody working on writing "cool demos"?

So far no.

> Will the QML WebKit only target touch devices, or will the desktop also be a
> first-class citizen? I.e. will code like 'convert mouse events to touch
> events' or similar be required there?

Keep in mind that WK2 with Qt5 QML API is a basic WebView so its scope
is limited for now.

The desktop support is there and some project like Snowshoe is using it.

Now the WebView is missing a lot (in both world) to make it as good as
QWebView or QGraphicsView. 5.0 is not the end of Qt 5.

> Thanks
> [1]: http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/5.0/index.html
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