[webkit-qt] Webkit and webkit2

Sylvain Pointeau sylvain.pointeau at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 13:36:07 PST 2012

> The API is not being _broken_. It continues to be available in Qt 5, as
> well
> as QWebPage, QWebView and QGraphicsWebView. They work on top of the QWidget
> based stack.
> However we choose not to support these APIs with QQuickCanvas & friends, we
> leave that to the WebKit2 based QML WebView component.
> Simon

yes it was what I understood initially, that webkit1 is looking for a
maintainer but it will provide the Qt5 compatibility with Qt4, and webkit2
for QML only.

I just observe a deprecation of many things in Qt that makes more difficult
an investment on long term.
(in the meantime, I observed Cocoa still using webkit1... and additionally
I start loving objective-c but this is absolutely another story)

Best regards,
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