[webkit-qt] Fonts on QWebInspector of QT 4.8 too small.

Eduardo Felipe edufelipe at e3c.com.br
Fri Feb 3 14:52:23 PST 2012


I've downloaded Qt SDK and I am running a modified version of
facybrowser (a very primitive demo) for the purpose of testing
QtWebKit. On my version there is just one modification:

    view->settings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::DeveloperExtrasEnabled, true);

And it works great, but on my Mac 10.6.8 the font size used by the
Inspector is about 10pt and too small to read. Is there a way I can
increase it? I've tried just about every variation on setFont: on the
QWebInspector, on the QApplication, and everything in between.

Does anyone know how to increase it?


Eduardo Felipe.
E3C Tecnologia
+55 (48) 3024-0790

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