[webkit-qt] MiniBrowser and QtTestBrowser Fail to load https pages

Sravan sra1sandela at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 14:52:07 PDT 2012


In the process of designing a UI to support certificate Validation i found
few APIs of QQuickWebViewExperimental(QQmlComponent*
certificateValidationDialog) that seem to be implementing this.
But when i try to see the default response of a qt5 webkit2 browser on
loading a https://xyz.com i see MiniBrowser and QtTestBrowser fail with
different messages

MiniBrowser fails to load with message: "Failed to Load xyz.html"
QtTestBrowser fails : "SSL Handshake Failed"

So, i just wanted to know
1. if this certificateValidationDialog API is really implemented?
2. Is there any qt browser which does this?
3. If not what all am i supposed to do to implement this UI Feature.

P.S: I thought certificateValidationDialog is stable and tried to implement
a Dialog in qml as an item and pass it to this API using following code in

import QtWebKit.experimental 1.0

Rectangle {
id: root

experimental.certificateVerificationDialog: CertificateVerificationDialog{ }


and then write CertificateVerificationDialog.qml as a component.

But i am not sure if just implementing a CertificateVerificationDialog.qml
is going to be sufficient. Please let me know what am i supposed to do get
it working.

Thanks in anticipation.

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