[webkit-qt] kde-qt-webkit

Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Wed Apr 25 07:57:54 PDT 2012


On 04/24/2012 05:09 PM, ext Andrea Diamantini wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm here to announce the will to work on an unofficial branch of
> qtwebkit, living on gitorious as
> https://gitorious.org/~adjam/webkit/kde-qt-webkit.
> Given qtwebkit devs intention to no more develop the WebKit1 bits of the
> qt port and considering the needs of kde webkit browsers (you may know
> I'm just developing one), I decided to try working a bit on it with some
> minimal targets.

If I understand this correctly, in Qt Project terminology you are saying 
that Qt WebKit Widgets (and add-on module at 
http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt-Add-ons-Modules ) is currently 
unmaintained and you want to do something about this.

Starting an unofficial branch might be a quick and good enough way for 
you to show your intentions with actual code and maintenance, but 
wouldn't the right way to do this that you & whoever is interested in 
this module take the maintenance itself? How to handle this in terms of 
WebKit & Qt Project reviewers/approvers/maintainers?

Simon Hausmann appears as the one and only "QtWebkit" maintainer at 
http://wiki.qt-project.org/Maintainers but during the Qt 5 alpha 
development phase there was a split between "Qt Webkit" (based on 
WebKit2) and Qt Webkit Widgets. Is Qt WebKit Widget still under Simon's 
scope or is it effectively unmaintained now?

For what is worth the KDE project is not the only one hoping to have Qt 
WebKit Widgets well maintained now and in the future. We are hearing 
many companies with the same concern. A KDE centric initiative is better 
than no initiative but of course the best approach would be a Qt Project 
initiative.  :)


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