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Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Mon Apr 9 10:46:59 PDT 2012

I tested the application  ( http://www.crochik.com/webview/resize.zip ) on
the harmattan emulator and confirmed my assumption - it is actually a

The behavior has changed from PR1.1 to PR1.2. This application on the PR1.2
emulator will enter an endless loop. On PR1.1 it seems that the "window
size" does not change when the QGraphicsWebView size change. In fact it
seems that it is "stored" when the page is loaded (would have to debug
further but it seems to use the QGraphicsWebView size on the time of the
loading of the page).


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It would be great if I could use Qt5 libraries but if I do, I won't be able
to distribute my applications through Ovi until they become officially
supported by Nokia (what probably will never happen).
Isn't the code for this specialized version available anywhere? I assume it
depends on the devices' existing Qt 4.7.4 libraries so it proves it is
possible, right?

I am actually trying to figure out a workaround/fix for an issue with
adjusting the size of the QGraphicsView based on the mainframe size when
the mainframe size changes based on the window size. I just tried a simple
html page I created (http://www.crochik.com/webkit) on the grob browser and
it seems that it also has issues handling it. It sure does much better than
the WebView but still is not "accurate" or "defined". The interesting fact
is that I think it does work on symbian WebKit and used to work on
Harmattan before PR1.2 (I think based on other tests but haven't double
tested yet)

On my "half baked tests" on harmattan/grob browser it seems that the
behavior is completely inconsistent. In some cases it will actually work
just fine (a few times I loaded it on landscape mode). In others will
"almost" work where the div will end up with the right size but the "view"
will be much taller than the DIV (what it should not happen because the
div's height is based on the window). In some it seems that will enter the
"grow loop" but eventually will figure out to stop and will end up with a
view/DIV size that has not relation to the original window size.

I also created a very simple project using the WebView that will
demonstrate how it enters an endless loop when accessing the URL above. You
can download it from http://www.crochik.com/webview/resize.zip
I haven't tested this code on a Harmattan device before PR1.2 but I believe
based on other tests I ran that it would work. I also believe it will work
on Symbian (will try to test later today to be sure).

p.s. Firefox on Harmattan also has issues dealing with this page. It seems
to detect the "chicken/egg loop" and eventually settles down to a height
that it seems to be based on the actual screen height ( the final height is
different whether you are in portrait or landscape).



On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 10:16 AM, Kenneth Rohde Christiansen <
kenneth.christiansen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> Harmattan comes with two webkit libraries. The Qt4.x / WebKit1 version
> which is part of the framework and a specialized version (based on WebKit2)
> only available for the browser. It is possible to run WebKit2 on Harmattan
> but it requires Qt 5.x. The team behind the snowshoe.cc browser are
> packaging Qt 5 packages for Harmattan and hang around in #qtwebkit and
> #showshoe on freenode.net.
> Cheers,
> Kenneth
> On Sun, Apr 8, 2012 at 3:35 AM, Felipe Crochik <felipe at crochik.com> wrote:
>> I have noticed that Harmattan PR1.2 shows version 2.2 for libqtqwebkit4.
>> I remember reading the discussion about the WebKit x qt Webkit versions but
>> can't remember the details. Does 2.2.0 version means it includes WebKit2?
>> If so, since the SDK repository was not updated (the SDK version is still
>> 2.1) how can I get the development version of the package so I can build
>> against it?
>> Or.... I would like to build my own version of WebKit2 to distribute with
>> my application but can't find instructions. Is it possible (Harmattan has
>> Qt 4.7.4)? I believe Grob (the webkit based browser on Harmattan) uses
>> WebKit2 so I would assume it is...
>> p.s. Before PR1.2 I could use QGraphicsWebView::setResizesToContentswithout issues. The same application after PR1.2 will enter a endless loop
>> when the page resizes its content based on the size of the window. I had
>> noticed the same behavior on Windows but it doesn't happen on Symbian and
>> didn't happen before PR1.2.
>> Thanks,
>> Felipe
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