[webkit-qt] Qt 4.7 version for QtWebKit2.2-branch

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Wed Jun 8 06:39:45 PDT 2011


I would like to see that for all QtWebKit2.2-branch bot (Mac, Windows, Linux, and soon Symbian) we use the same Qt version, which I think should be Qt 4.7.3 at the moment. As it stands we do not have a bot for QtWebKit 2.2 with Qt 4.7.3 on Linux (instead we run 4.7.x prerelease version). Running extra bots are always useful but I think we need to make sure that we also continue to run a bot with Qt 4.7.3 for Linux as that is the baseline configuration for the QtWebKit 2.2 release.

If the Qt 4.7.4 release is out within a few days (would anyone know?) perhaps we can move the baseline configuration to 4.7.4 and update all bots, but if that is not the case I think we should either change back the Qt version to 4.7.3 on the QtWebKit2.2-branch x86-32 Linux Release bot or we should create a new bot.

Ossy, others, what do you think ? 


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Subject: [webkit-qt] Announcement of new buildbots

Dear QtWebKit developers,

I'd like to announce three new buildbot slave on our CUTE buildbot
master can be found here: http://webkit.sed.hu/buildbot/waterfall

QtWebKit2.2-branch x86-32 Linux Release Qt 4.7.x
It will build, run JSC tests, layout tests and API
tests for the new QtWebKit 2.2 branch against Qt 4.7.x.
- Qt revision from 4.7 branch:
   8f617afa01d1bd9f238c72efab7174fb9336651a ( Wed May 4 09:14:45 2011 +1000 )
- Qt Mobility version: 1.2.0 beta1

QtWebKit2.2-branch x86-32 Linux Release Qt 4.8.x
Similar to the first one, but it builds against Qt 4.8.x.
- Qt revision from 4.8 branch:
   049447d37d27c461c34d7ff52be2054ecd3208e3 ( Wed May 4 15:41:28 2011 +1000 )
- Qt Mobility version: 1.2.0 beta1

We are going to update Qt on these bots once a week. You will
find the actual Qt revision under Slave information here:
4.7.x: http://webkit.sed.hu/buildbot/buildslaves/szeged-linux-29
4.8.x: http://webkit.sed.hu/buildbot/buildslaves/szeged-linux-30

Qt SnowLeopard Intel Release
Thanks for Dihan to setup the new Qt SnowLeopard buildbot and connected
to our master. There are no end of failing tests on it (~4000). I
added failing tests to qt-mac/Skipped list to make the bot green.
Please respect its green color and try not to break it, and help
us to decrease the number of failing tests.

Csaba Osztrogonác (Ossy)
University of Szeged

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