[webkit-qt] Configuring behavior of <enter> in editing mode?

Roland Labrecque roland at ics.com
Fri Jun 3 06:19:34 PDT 2011

The html contains something like.
/<div contenteditable="true">Edit Me ZZ</div>/

If I place the cursor between the "Z"s and hit <enter> the resulting 
html looks like

/<div contenteditable="true">Edit Me Z<div><br></div><div>Z</div></div>/

This results in a whole lot of extra whitespace. Anyone know how to 
configure this?
I would like the result to be

/<div contenteditable="true">Edit Me Z<br>Z</div>/

or maybe

/<div contenteditable="true">Edit Me Z<p></p>Z</div>/

I'm currently working on a hack which filters the <enter> and inserts a 
single "<br>" but this seems very kludgy...

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Roland L
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