[webkit-qt] Building on Fedora : QWEBKIT_EXPORT not set

Loïc Yhuel loic.yhuel_ext at softathome.com
Thu Jul 21 04:44:52 PDT 2011


I'm trying to build QtWebkit trunk on Fedora 15 (Qt 4.7.3), using 
"Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt" command line.

The generated library cannot be used, as QWeb* symbols are not exported, 
since QWEBKIT_EXPORT is empty.
QWEBKIT_EXPORT is supposed to be set in qwebkitglobal.h, but :
  - QT_MAKEDLL is defined on g++ command line, but it's undefined in 
  - QT_SHARED is not defined.

It works if I add QT_SHARED to DEFINES in QtWebKit.pro/WebCore.pro.
Is QT_SHARED supposed to be defined somewhere ?
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