[webkit-qt] how to resize a plugin?

brook.hong at nokia.com brook.hong at nokia.com
Thu Jan 27 00:35:39 PST 2011


I have tried many ways to resize a plugin either from cpp code or javascript code, but not succeed yet.

For example the plugin was created as below
QObject * WebPage::createPlugin(const QString & classid, const QUrl & url, const QStringList & paramNames, const QStringList & paramValues)
    QObject *result = 0;
    if (classid == "editobject") {
        QTextEdit * edit = new QTextEdit(view());
        result = edit;
    if (result)
    return result;
And it was referred in HTML as
<object type='application/x-qt-plugin' classid='editobject' width='100%' height='30%'></object>

The edit box shows in web page correctly, but there is no way to change height from 30% to some other value?

Best Regards,
Brook Hong

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