[webkit-qt] Removing support for Qt 4.6 on QtWebKit trunk

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> Hi,
> Andreas Kling írta:
> > Where is the current policy clearly, obviously and publically stated?
> > (Not to be a dingdong, I just don't know where to look for it. :)
> I think we don't have clear, obvious and public policy at all.
> Or maybe Nokia has, but I don't know anything about it ...
> It isn't so good if I notice that a commit break Qt buildbot on
> build.webkit.org,
> because for example we don't support the Qt on it anymore or it needs an
> extra Qt
> feature switched on or Qt Mobility x.y version, etc. I always get
> information about
> this kind of de facto rules after I ask you guys why the bot is red again
> ...
> >> With the proposed new policy we should have removed Qt 4.6
> >> support with Qt 4.7 release, when we removed Qt 4.5 support.
> >> And we have to remove Qt 4.7 support when Qt 4.8 will be released.
> >
> > Don't quite agree here, we should keep 4.7 support after 4.8 is released
> > to facilitate patch releases.
> I absolutely agree. But which is the correct date to drop Qt 4.7 support?
>  From who and when will I know that we don't support Qt 4.7 anymore?
> br,
> Ossy
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Just FYI
A Qt version is supported by the rule x.y.z +1 which means that as Qt 4.7.0 was released 21 September 2010, Qt 4.6.3 will be obsolete 21 September 2011.  

No more patch releases are planned for Qt 4.6 unless a security issue would appear, and if that happens we should probably be able to fix such an issue directly in the QtWebkit 2.0 version shipped with Qt 4.6.x

In my opinion you can remove 4.6 dependencies from trunk without causing any trouble.

Benedikte Holm

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