[webkit-qt] Patchs present in Qt but not in QtWebKit

Ademar Reis ademar.reis at openbossa.org
Wed Feb 9 06:52:58 PST 2011

Hi everybody.

I was checking the Qt sources yesterday and noticed that there are a
few patches in qt/src/3rdparty/webkit/ which are not present in the
webkit repository (trunk, 2.0 or 2.1).

I plan to submit them to trunk and cherry-pick them to all our
branches... Anybody familiar with these changes? They don't seem to be
too complex, but naturally, they come with a risk of regressions.

These are the commits in 4.7 (and master) which are not present in QtWebKit:

eebe205 Doc: Fixed QML, unindented snippet.
d34466a Doc: fixing bugs and misspelling based on feedback
52068f5 Ensure WebView press delay timer is cancelled when grab is taken.
f234f24 Fixed handling of QInputMethodEvents with nonzero replacementLength.
b0d6471 doc: Changed a table into 3 tables to eliminate a \raw.
f532679 Fixes assert in QDeclarativeWebView
84d2785 Clarified documentation of loadFinished() signal.

Would be nice to avoid this in the future... suggestions for that
(other than "keep an eye there") are welcome. :-)

 - Ademar

Ademar de Souza Reis Jr. <ademar.reis at openbossa.org>
OpenBossa - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia

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