[webkit-qt] OpenSource Opera's clone

Nicholas Shatokhin n.shatokhin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 20:32:47 PST 2011


I'm going to develop clone of Opera using WebKit. It will be written in  
Qt4. I will look like Opera, be compatible with extensions and widgets,  
but opensource, and I hope more light and stable. So, If anybody want to  
take part in developing, contact me.

Idea about that was burnt in my head only yesterday, so I haven't any plan  

I think, first that we must to do:

1. Simple Browser with tabs and settings.
2. Speeddial plugin.
3. Mail Client plugin.
4. Bookmarks, Notes, Log, DownloadsMaster, ContactBook plugins.
5. Synchronize plugin with OperaLinkAPI
6. SourceCode editor.
7. Torrent Client.

I'll register in google code and create repository soon.

Participation is completely voluntary. Nonprofit project and I will  
develop it in their spare time.


За використання революційного клієнта електронної пошти Opera:  

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