[webkit-qt] Roadmap Clarifications: QML WebView ?

Roland Labrecque roland at ics.com
Tue Apr 12 13:21:28 PDT 2011

I'm trying to clarify some assumptions about the roadmap Qt WebKit 
moving forward. Any help would be appreciated.

We are working on a complex web application for a handheld device(s) 
which needs to support orientation changes and we are currently seeing 
responsiveness issues when animating/scrolling.

Current Implementation:
    QGraphicsWebView (to support orientation changes).
    Custom Pan Gesture (not using QtGesture framework though a similar 

So the questions I'm trying to answer 
for rendering/amimation performance:

Which version of the technology should perform the best QWebView, 
QGraphicsWebView, and QML WebView?

    6 Months?
    12 Months?

So related to this is where is the priority for development?
Will qt-webkit-2.2 impact this?
Will the QML Scene Graph be used to to drastically improve things for 
QML WebView (but not for QGraphicWebView and QWebView)?


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