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Baldeva, Arpit abaldeva at ea.com
Tue Nov 23 17:12:02 PST 2010


I am able to build QtWebKit successfully using the instructions provided here - http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/BuildingQtOnWindows . Thanks for the detailed instructions.

I am currently building through the scripts but would like to generate a visual studio solution.  I tried the instructions from the link mentioned above (pasted below) but did not succeed. Worst, I ended up corrupting something in the WebKit source copy on my machine and I could no longer build(running in some strange errors). The workaround for me was to download the WebKit code to a new location on my hard drive and build from there.

Instructions -
>>If you want to generate MSVC project files (e.g. so that you can debug/work from within MSVC) you can do it with the following steps

 1.  Run perl WebKitTools\Scripts\build-webkit --qt and cancel the script after the derived sources are all generated
 2.  Run perl WebKitTools\Scripts\build-webkit --qt --qmakeargs "-tp vc". This will generate MSVC project files and than it will fail
 3.  Open WebKit.sln from MSVC and build from MSVC. Build should succeed and you should be able to debug and work from within MSVC.

I did 1. The step 2 did not do anything I believe because it failed to recognize "-qmakeargs" option. There is also no indication of where I should look for WebKit.sln. The output directory seems the obvious place but I did not find it. So seems like something did not go right in step 1 or 2.

Is there an easier way to achieve this?

I appreciate any help.

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