[webkit-qt] How to play youtube videos external widget?

Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Wed May 19 07:55:18 PDT 2010


You probably will need to create a plugin. You may want to look at the arora
project - they implement a "click to flash" plugin.

Will this be an open source project? I maintain Macuco for the maemo and
maybe we can exchange ideas or even code. Not sure if it would be worth
trying to combine the two projects though but who knows...


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   I am creating a touch screen mobile phone browser with qt-webkit, I
am developing it for devices which does not have flash support. Now I
want a functionality that, when user click on video ( Youtube ), In
fullscreen video should start playing. How can I do it with QWebview ?
I have a library which can decode .flv and .mp4 files. I just requires
URL from which that library can download and play video files.

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