[webkit-qt] Building QtWebKit for Symbian... on Linux

Koskinen Janne Janne.P.Koskinen at digia.com
Wed Jun 23 01:08:13 PDT 2010

>> I'm trying to follow this "howto" on building and running Qt 
>for Symbian on Linux: 
>using-linux/ . Most of you will probably know it.
>> In the howto Thomas "silently" adds a "-no-webkit" to the 
>"./configure". And, indeed, if I do remove it, the compilation 
>fails at that stage (I don't have the compilation output with 
>me right now).
>> Is it possible to build QtWebKit for Symbian on Linux or is 
>there some Windows specific req yet to be solved for this to work?
>> Or a specific QtWebKit branch for Symbian that I don't know 
>yet about?
>You should ask Thomas directly on IRC, he is the best one to 
>answer this question.

Hi, I think the I'm to be blamed of -no-webkit.

We did few patches that allows you to build QtWebkit with GCCE 4.4.1 thus allowing you to build it on Linux as well.
Those patches haven't gone to upstream (my fault) nor to Qt mainline so at the moment you cannot build webkit even on Windows with GCCE 4.4.1.
Even with the patches it is experimental as GCCE 4.4.1 libs is missing atomicity.h API and we don't have proper replacement for it. We had a hack patch for that but didn't really work out and well TBH since it wasn't top priority was pushed aside.

If you want to give it a go try applying http://qt.gitorious.org/+qt-s60-developers/qt/qt-s60/commit/cd18ad05e6a987cea57260cf373a0e53615bf56e. It will work even without proper atomics.

disclaimer: I haven't tried building webkit with GCCE for a while so there might be stuff that won't compile.


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