[webkit-qt] seek not supported in Phonon

jianhua zhou jianhuazhou.bupt at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 19:39:37 PDT 2010

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your information.

So could you tell me when QtMultimedia will be officially relased? And
also how can I get more information about
QtMultiMeida framework to make sure that with this new framework I can
implement the seek feature.

Another point is I guess QtWebKit and Phonon is greatly used for
multimeida development and for a typical media player
"seek" is a normial feature that player should support. How it can be
implemented without modifying WebKit source code?



2010/6/10 Benjamin Poulain <benjamin.poulain at nokia.com>:
> ext jianhua zhou wrote:
>> I am a new comer for webkit and I am meeting a difficult problem.
>> In my project I develop a media player based on Webkit/Phonon and it
>> can play media file now. However
>> when I start to develop the "seek" (or "jump") I realized that it
>> seems impossible with QtWebKit and phonon because the method
>> float MediaPlayerPrivate::maxTimeSeekable() const
>> {
>>    notImplemented();
>>    return 0.0f;
>> }
>> which leads to "HTMLMediaElement::seek" return in step 4 and it can
>> not come to step 10 to have a real "seek".
>> Anybody has experience on this issue?
> Tor Arne will probably have a lot more information about that but if I
> remember correctly, the seek feature was impossible to implement with the
> API of Phonon.
> I guess the solution would be to use the QtMultimedia backend or maybe the
> new Phonon if the new API provides what is needed. Both solutions would
> require you to modify WebKit.
> cheers,
> Benjamin

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