[webkit-qt] Qt DRT with QGraphicsWebView

Diego Gonzalez diego.gonzalez at openbossa.org
Tue Jun 1 15:36:20 PDT 2010


I've worked in a patch to make possible execute the layout test
using the QGraphicsWebView backend:

The idea is to test the QGraphicsWebView deeper and find
missing features and/or bugs.

I've gotten the following test result in a webkit trunk build (r60479)
and Qt 4.7:

13502 test cases (97%) succeeded
270 test cases (1%) had incorrect layout
38 test cases (<1%) were new
2 test cases (<1%) crashed
163 test cases (1%) had stderr output

To run the tests with QGraphicsWebView mode just execute:
QT_DRT_WEBVIEW_MODE=graphics WebKitTools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests --qt

The next steps is to find missing things to made the tests results be at
the same of when the tests are executed with QWebView. The related bugs
should block the meta bug: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40014

Please let me know if you have comments and suggestions.

Best Regards,

Diego Gonzalez
Nokia Technology Institute, INdT
Qt Labs Americas
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