[webkit-qt] cress-compiling webkit-qt for sh4-linux boards

haithem rahmani haithem.rahmani at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 08:48:13 PST 2010

I'm a newbie in this mailing list so I appologize if my question
has been already discussed.

what I would like to do is to cross-compile webkit-qt for the sh4-linux

what I did :
setenv QMAKE sh4-linux-qmake

but when runing  "build-webkit --qt"
the build starts to use the host qmake instead of "sh4-linux-qmake" and
fails as follows:

Calling 'qmake -r -r /home/rahmanih/webkit/DerivedSources.pro -o
Makefile.DerivedSources' in /home/rahmanih/webkit/WebKitBuild/Release
***Unknown option -r

it seems that I'm missing something with the envirement. has anybody met
this error before ?


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