[webkit-qt] New QtWebKit buildbots available

Andras Becsi abecsi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Wed Feb 10 09:08:05 PST 2010

Dear QtWebKit community,

The WebKit Team from the University of Szeged is proud to announce the 
immediate availability of our brand new and quiet fast buildbots running 
on our dedicated buildbot hardware called CUTE (CUTE Test Environment):

(the trailing slash is needed)

[x86-32 Linux Qt Debug]
[x86-64 Linux Qt Release]
[x86-64 Linux Qt Debug]
[ARMv5 Linux Qt Release (Build)]

which is cross-compiled on CUTE, and its ARM test bot:
[ARMv5 Linux Qt Release (Test)]

Currently we face some problems regarding the speed of the layout 
testing sessions on ARM, one run takes approx. 60 minutes because of the 
limited resources and the ~500 failing tests which have some pixel 
differences on ARM due to currently unknown reasons (probably 
environment differences). These issues need to be resolved in the 
upcoming weeks.

In the long view our plan is to connect these bots to the 
build.webkit.org master but first we want to see how stable and 
consistent the results are compared to the x86-32 Release bot and gain 
some experience on the impact of changes on these platforms. Other 
future plans are to configure and launch various QtWebKit-Windows bots 
(MSVC, MINGW) and in the far future QtWebKit-Symbian and QtWebKit-Mac 
bots too.

You can find more information and useful benchmarks too on our blog 
called WebKit Apocrypha:


As QtWebKit developers please keep an eye on these new bots (especially 
the Debug bots show useful information on failing) and if you have 
questions contact one of us on IRC or per mail.

Yours sincerely:

   Csaba Osztrogonac (Ossy , ossy [at] webkit [dot] org)
   Andras Becsi (bbandix , abecsi [at] webkit [dot] org)
   Gabor Rapcsanyi (rgabor , rgabor [at] inf [dot] u-szeged [dot] hu)
   Peter Gal (elecro , galpeter [at] inf [dot] u-szeged [dot] hu)

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