[webkit-qt] Disabling right click in flash

Girish Ramakrishnan girish at forwardbias.in
Tue Feb 9 23:25:55 PST 2010

Currently, if you right click in QWebView/windowless mode flash or
QGraphicsWebView/any mode on Windows in QWebView and select 'Settings',
you are screwed. The modal dialog that appears refuses to process any
events and there is no way to dismiss it. I have tested this with 4.5.x
and 4.6.x, so it's not some recent regression.

I wasted my day y'day figure the above but I have given up.  Spy++
indicates that the settings dialog shown by flash is in 'alien' mode
(i.e just painted). I have no idea why it then doesn't process our
future mouse events that we send using npapi.

Atleast, for my customer, I am just disabling right-click altogether. Do
you folks want the patch for Qt/WebKit? Note that my patch disables
right-click altogether. So, other presumably useful options in the
context menu like zoom in, quality are done. I haven't been able to
disable just the 'settings' menu item by setting menu=false in html
either (I think it can be disabled only when publishing the flash itself).

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this? There's lots of fun modal
dialog tracking here
If anyone can help me understand what it does, I can give it a shot in


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