[webkit-qt] QtWebKit-2.2 branch is now open

andreas.kling at nokia.com andreas.kling at nokia.com
Thu Dec 16 14:38:39 PST 2010

(Sigh, pardon the OWA top posting..)

I agree with Jocelyn 100%.

Also, starting a new stabilization branch based on another still-open stabilization branch is madness. I'd love to hear the reasoning behind this.
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On 10-12-16 10:52 PM, ext Antonio Gomes wrote:
> You possibly had discussed that, but why not make 2.2 to be 2.1, since
> the later is not release yet.
> The real 2.2 could be based on trunk ...
If we can refrain from adding any API, It would be nice to have this
pseudo-2.2 called 2.1.1 instead.
I would also prefer 2.2 to being branched from trunk.

Since the new features will probably have a limited scope, we can
guarantee a reliable stability improvement between 2.1 and 2.1.1, IMHO.


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