[webkit-qt] Qt-WebKit NPAPI Windowless plugin

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What platform are you trying this on?

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I've a NPAPI windowless plugin implementation using Qt to handle all the drawing and using the arora (with qt-webkit 4.7.0 verion) to launch my php page to invoke the plugin via embed tag. The plugin loaded fine and can render pages using the plugin. There is one page where the plugin is loaded and the page is displayed with the surface drawn after the plugin handed back the buffer thru the PaintEvent. At this point, If I click using the mouse on the page, my plugin didn't receive any mouse event thru NPP_HandleEvent(), I put a print statement in PluginView::handleEvent(Event* event), the event->type() return beforecopy, and this event->type() is not mouse or keyboard so nothing is dispatched back to the plugin.

Can anyone help why this is the case?

thanks very much.

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