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Again thanks for the useful link. I went through that link and it is really useful to understand the plugin basics.
I am still not able to get what is missing in your sample code to
capture the flash content in  web page. While going through the net I
also came across a utility called CutyCapt which does almost the same
thing. It has option --plugins which on setting to 'on' enables plugin.
I went through the code and saw that upon setting this option,
QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled is set to true. However, the result or
output of that utility is also same, flash contents are not captured
properly (I used the same below link as a test case).

I tried the demo browser that we get with Qt SDK and opened the below
link, the demo browser shows the flash content properly. I checked the
code and it also sets the same attribute (QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled)
to true. If I disable that line in the demo browser code, then the
flash contents are not displayed. So this is the attribute which is
controlling the flash content display.

In the sample code also, I tried setting that same attribute to true
but was not able to capture the flash content properly. Would you
please help me here in capturing the flash content properly.

Also another thing I noticed is, the sample on each run seems to
capture the same frame, I mean if there is any ticker or gif animation
in the HTML page (which keeps changing), the output captured image
should vary but it is not. Do we need to do anything else to capture
the page at a given instant?

Please do the needful.

Thanks in advance.

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> Thanks for the information. I am trying your sample codes to get better
> understanding. Currently trying something in you webcapture sample. I built
> it on WIndows XP and ran it to capture the snapshot of www.google.com and it
> captured fine. Then I tried to capture the snapshot of a webpage having some
> flash contents (http://www.flashiness.com/fseyeball.htm). The output
> displayed blank in location where there is flash content. After looking in
> some blogs and net surfing, I came to know that we need to set the
> QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled attribute of QWebPage to true. I tried this but
> still the output is not fully capturing the flah content. The flash content
> at the top (flashiness.com displayed in a blue box) is somewhat captured
> (though the flashiness text doesn't appear), the eyeball flash content is
> not at all captured :(.

That's likely because the plugin is windowed. Before going further, I
highly recommend reading and understanding first how NPAPI plugin
works. Resource like
could be really helpful.

Ariya Hidayat
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