[webkit-qt] qt webkit plugin compile issue

Jerod Sikorskyj jerod.sikorskyj at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 07:23:10 PDT 2010

Dear List,

Can anyone please help me?  I posted a similar message a few days ago.

I am still having an issue trying to compile the qt port of webkit included
with the source code package:
qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.6.3.tar.gz available from the Qt
website.  I have looked at people having similar issues on the Qt
trolltech website forums, and they have encouraged users to submit
questions to webkit, since the errors are webkit plugin problems.

My system is Centos 5.5, specifics are: Linux version
2.6.18-194.3.1.el5 (mockbuild at builder10.centos.org) (gcc version 4.1.2
20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-48)) #1 SMP

After using, the following configure line:

./configure -opengl -qt-gif -no-cups -no-phonon -prefix
/usr/local/clas12/qt/build/linux26_x86_64_gcc41/4.6.3 -qt-sql-mysql
-no-exceptions -opensource -release -no-dwarf2 -dbus -no-accessibility
-nomake demos -nomake examples -no-phonon -no-cups -no-audio-backend
-confirm-license -I /usr/include/mysql -L /usr/lib64/mysql

I am getting the following errors when trying to make.  Please advise
ASAP.  Many thanks in advance.

Errors generated from during making are quite long, below is just a
sample this time.  See the Aug. 15 message digest on this forum for
the complete list.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

accessibility/AXObjectCache.h:139: warning: unused parameter ‘postToElement’
accessibility/AXObjectCache.h:139: warning: unused parameter ‘postToElement’
accessibility/AXObjectCache.h:139: warning: unused parameter ‘postToElement’
bindings/js/ScriptValue.h: In member function ‘WebCore::String
WebCore::ScriptValue::toString(WebCore::ScriptState*) const’:
bindings/js/ScriptValue.h:49: error: conversion from ‘JSC::UString’ to
non-scalar type ‘WebCore::String’ requested
bindings/js/GCController.cpp: At global scope:
bindings/js/GCController.cpp:83: warning: unused parameter ‘waitUntilDone’
bindings/js/JSCSSStyleDeclarationCustom.cpp: In static member function
‘static JSC::JSValue
WebCore::JSCSSStyleDeclaration::nameGetter(JSC::ExecState*, const
JSC::Identifier&, const JSC::PropertySlot&)’:
bindings/js/JSCSSStyleDeclarationCustom.cpp:168: error: no matching
function for call to
note: candidates are: static
const JSC::UString&)

(similar messages continue with conversion from JSC::UString , etc.)

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