[webkit-qt] setOfflineWebApplicationCacheQuota clears db

Chang.Shu at nokia.com Chang.Shu at nokia.com
Tue Aug 3 08:01:13 PDT 2010

This behavior matches the other platforms. A workaround for you could be read the quota first before you reset it (if not big enough).



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Ever since change 56140 in the svn trunk,
QWebSettings::setOfflineWebApplicationCacheQuota clears out the
application cache database before setting the maximum number of pages:

 void QWebSettings::setOfflineWebApplicationCacheQuota(qint64 maximumSize)
+    WebCore::cacheStorage().empty();
+    WebCore::cacheStorage().vacuumDatabaseFile();

I thought that the maximum number of pages in the database is a
per-connection setting and thus needs to be set up every time an
application starts (as opposed to only once when the database is
created).  So, I used to call setOfflineWebApplicationCacheQuota at
the start of my application, but that now clears the database.

Is there a different way that I should be setting the maximum cache
size, or am I misunderstanding what setOfflineWebApplicationCacheQuota
is supposed to do?

Andrew Webster
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