[webkit-qt] trask triaging groups

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Fri Apr 30 08:43:10 PDT 2010

On Tuesday 06 April 2010 Hausmann Simon (Nokia-D-Qt/Oslo), wrote:
> Hi,
> we currently have about 50 untriaged bugs. Triaging and dealing with the
> incoming flow of bugs is a responsibility we all share as part of this
> project. Triaging is also a good way to get an overview of what's coming
> in, who's responsible for what and how we are doing overall with the bugs.
> I'd like to propose a simple process to make this part of our work flow:
> Weekly triage task forces (WTTF :)
> The basic idea is that every week two developers sit down together and
> process the incoming untriaged bugs. It's up to them when they do it -
> they could sit down twice a week or process them all on Friday instead.
> Using a simple table in the wiki we rotate through the offices, so that
> it's not a permanent duty for the same developers every week but instead
> becomes a shared responsibility for all of us.
> For that I'd like to create a list of developers first for this, sorted by
> team in their physical location:
> https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitTriageRoster
> Please fill in your team, if you want with suggested pairs. Afterwards I
> can format it into a table with one row per week.

Alright, a few weeks later (oops), we have now a bug triage roster:


for the coming weeks.

Next week it's Jocelyn and me. The following week Kenneth and Jesus.

I trust on each team's judgment on how much time they want to spend on it. It 
would be unreasonable to expect there to be zero untriaged bugs at the end of 
every week.

I'll try to send reminder emails every week. (please someone remind me to send 
reminder emails ;)

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