[webkit-qt] trask triaging groups

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Tue Apr 6 05:38:01 PDT 2010


we currently have about 50 untriaged bugs. Triaging and dealing with the 
incoming flow of bugs is a responsibility we all share as part of this project. 
Triaging is also a good way to get an overview of what's coming in, who's 
responsible for what and how we are doing overall with the bugs.

I'd like to propose a simple process to make this part of our work flow: Weekly 
triage task forces (WTTF :)

The basic idea is that every week two developers sit down together and process 
the incoming untriaged bugs. It's up to them when they do it - they could sit 
down twice a week or process them all on Friday instead. Using a simple table 
in the wiki we rotate through the offices, so that it's not a permanent duty for 
the same developers every week but instead becomes a shared responsibility for 
all of us.

For that I'd like to create a list of developers first for this, sorted by team 
in their physical location:


Please fill in your team, if you want with suggested pairs. Afterwards I can 
format it into a table with one row per week.

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