[webkit-qt] QtWebKit, QtWebKit 2 and... WebGL

henry.haverinen at nokia.com henry.haverinen at nokia.com
Thu Apr 22 00:33:18 PDT 2010

Hello Ivan,

On Apr 21, 2010, at 8:14 PM, ext Ivan De Marino wrote:

> 1) Is now QtWebKit named "QtWebkit 2.0"?
> 4) Am I asking stupid questions and there is a webpage with all the details on it? :D

There is a web page here: http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2010/03/03/qtwebkit-releases/
> 2) What do I actually get in the qt repository "4.7" from gitorious? An old QtWebKit?

QtWebKit 2.0 has been merged into Qt 4.7, so that's what you'll get.

> 3) I read that between the features of QtWebKit there is "WebGL": is already there? how could I get it into my 4.7 hand-compiled version of Qt?

I guess you already got a reply from someone with a clarification that WebGL is not supported or enabled yet, but the work has been
started and some patches have landed. 
You can find discussion and pointers to Bugzilla here: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTWEBKIT-18

Best regards,

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